Vimage Weddings is about the human spirit and the relationships we make

These are your moments, your memories... our philosophy reflects an honest commitment to our couples that we believe is exhibited not only during their big day but also before and after you say "I do." For us, every wedding is a unique experience regardless of religion, gender, race or nationality.

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Katherine (Katie) Hunn | Vimage Weddings

Katherine Hunn



Katie has led planning and logistics for Vimage Weddings since 2011. As co-founder and natural organizational guru, Katie has helped move the company forward by putting her clients first.

Her attention to detail, communication skills, and customer service is personal, approachable and professional. Katie received her undergraduate degree in Education from University of Missouri Saint Louis and her Masters from Missouri Baptist University.

Alvaro Aro | Vimage Weddings

Alvaro Aro



Al was born and raised in Peru, immigrated to the United States at 21, served in the US Marine Corps and is a proud father of two handsome boys.

If you don't see him at your local karaoke bar, he's most likely experimenting with his camera equipment.

Al is a Director of Photography based out of beautiful St. Louis, Missouri.

Jesse Bader | Vimage Weddings

Jesse Bader



Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Jesse realized his love for filmmaking at a young age and quickly began creating home videos with his childhood friends. From passion projects to Commercial shoots, he was soon inspired by high-end wedding cinematography.

Vimage Weddings has offered a platform for Jesse to shine in his true calling - capturing a story. Jesse’s style is adaptive and ever evolving. Your memory becomes reality with Jesse’s skill in making your moment shine for years to come. 

Hezekiah Cordon | Vimage Weddings

Hezekiah Condron



From documentaries, to comedy shorts, Kie’s been in love with filmmaking since kindergarten. 

While still a teenager, he started traveling around the United States to work on everything from reality shows to commercials, and of course, weddings.

At Vimage Studios, Kie brings his passion for storytelling to every wedding.  Helping each couple to tell their very own unique story.

Deanna Schmidt

Deanna Schmidt


On-Site Logistics

Deanna was raised and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.  She is a sales consultant for Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits. 

Deanna has also worked as a brand ambassador and in the social scene around the city.  She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and is continuing her education with an emphasis on Marketing and Media.  

Deanna loves traveling, thrift shopping, daily walks with her dog and spending time with family and hanging out at home. 



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