Professional Videography and Photography services for the Greater St. Louis area and beyond.

Yes, as cliche as it sounds...

every wedding is a unique experience


They are always full of their own intimate and memorable characteristics - trust us, we've been to a few, and because of this our focus is always YOU and the details surrounding your special day. There's no "cookie-cutter" approach here.

Take a look at our films and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.




Our Highlight films (included in all packages) are licensed films "highlighting" all the most relevant events of your day. This piece is put together in a cinematic style and is created for you to share with the world.

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Relive and share those special moments with your family and friends with a Same Day Edit film. We will present you a fully edited 3-5 minute piece to be shown at your reception right before you are introduced to your friends and family. Same Day Edits always become the joy and envy of your guests and they make the perfect addition to your big day. Inquire for details, we would love to tell you more about it.


These are pre-produced pieces that tell specific stories. Believe us when we say there's no idea too crazy. Together, we will develop the concept of this film. Our team then will start the pre-production process in which details are planned. Love stories are also known as "How We Met" or "Save The Date" films and are usually presented at the reception right before our couples make their grand entrance.

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